How To Nail Content Marketing So You Can Increase Traffic, Subscribers and Sales Part 1 of 2

In this blog post I am going to outline exactly how you create authority content that your audience will engage with and share. I will also outline how you convert your traffic into subscribers or to get them to invest in one of your products or programs.


There are a lot of theories behind how you should formulate your content to increase your conversions. I have tried and tested them all, and one thing I can tell you is there is no set formula. There are number of principles that do work every time though, and that is what I am going to cover over the next 2 posts. Ultimately it comes down to what type of content in what format resonates with your audience the most.


Before we go anywhere ensure you have watched my 8-minute video above where I outline exactly how I map out my content to ensure I offer the most value possible and stay inline with my audiences needs. This is a crucial stage that will grantee you cover all the relevant topics needed to truly educate your followers.


Watched the video? Great, lets move on…


This post is the first of the 2 stages to creating awesome content that your audience will love. The post that follows this one will outline exactly how to piece together the perfect content with killer call to actions (CTA).


So what can you expect to get from this article in the next 7 minutes?


  1. What your main goal is with blogging.
  2. Why it is important you maintain control.
  3. How to build trust with your audience.
  4. How to make yourself more shareable on social media.
  5. How to increase your chances of being found organically.
  6. Why you should concentrate on quality over quantity.
  7. Your ROI…be patient.


  1. What your main goal is with blogging…


This is the question almost all of my new clients ask when I set them up online platforms or critique there current website. I will always find ways in which they can improve their blog to reach a wider audience, when they respond they ask “So Sam, what is the main goal with the blog, what do I want to achieve with this?”.


The answer is very simple…


Your only concern with your blog should be how can I offer the most value to my audience and help them overcome their problems.”


To do this effectively you need to spend some time getting to know your audience, which is why half the time a new blog gets very few hits. Over time you will start to understand the true needs of your audience. Once you have established this you can start to create content that really answers their problems. This is when you start to see more traffic hit your pages.


You can have other motives with your content like bring them to a particular call to action to a product or service, or you may just use it to direct them to more of your awesome free content. Either way everything comes down to how you can best serve your audience. Think in terms of how to educate them, solve their problems and add an unbelievable amount of value. This will bring them back for more, keep them in your site and more importantly encourage them to share with others.



  1. Why it is important you maintain control…


The one huge perk to blogging is you keep all of your content on your own website. Social media is a fantastic way to get people to share and engage with your content, but I would always recommend directing them to your website. I recommend this for 3 reasons.


  1. If FaceBook decides to change the way you upload, post or share your content, and it delays your growth as a business, your screwed. You have no control as to what FaceBook can and cant do with your content so don’t run a business from there. I do know a few guys that are extremely successful and have a huge following on social media, however they also make a big effort to get that following back to their own website and on their mailing lists.


  1. You can present your content in whatever way you wish. The way you present your content can have a huge effect on how much people will engage with it. By utilising your own blog you can lay out your content in a way that it is easy to consume and truly resonates with your audience.


  1. You can get your audience on your mailing list. This is a BIG reason and one you should concentrate on with every post. You can place call to actions (CTA) directly in the post, which will encourage people to give you their email address and join your list. Now you have a chance to provide even more value and ultimately up sell them onto paid products or services.


There are many more reasons however the main 3 above will enable you to ensure you never loose your content, can optimise the post so it engages with your audience and then drive the traffic to your CTA to get them onto your own list.


  1. How to build trust with your audience…


People do business with people they know, like and trust. Your blog is your chance to offer true value to your audience and provide the answer to their problems. If you do this enough you can start to ask them to join your coaching program, or direct them to a product that your post is outlining the benefits of.


Either way you utilise this, ensure you do so by any means that are legal, moral and ethical. We are not in the business of conning people so don’t do it! It takes on average 7 points of contact before anyone will consider purchasing something from you. That’s 7 times you have offered enough value for them to come back for more.


This could be via more blogs, free guides, videos or a podcast. Either way ensure you are keeping the heart of the problem as the main focus when helping your audience. Provide the content with the view to keep offering as much value as possible and not just to eventually get them to put some money in your pocket.


  1. How to make yourself more shareable on social media…


If you’re in the business of helping people with actual problems they are facing on a day-to-day basis, they will not only engage with your content but also share it with their friends.


One simple trick I use when posting new content is to tag the person I am writing it for in a post. Now you cant just target anyone with your post. You have to do some groundwork before attempting this. If you are in groups where your audience are, look out for the questions they are asking. They are big clues as to what they are having issues with. If I saw a question about how to formulate content or build a list form your blog I would tag them when I share this post. Please be aware you have to have a previous relationship with these people otherwise it comes across very spammy, then no one will read your post. One thing you can do is create your own group and post it in there. That way you, the authority, is adding value to the whole group.


The more consistent you are with social media, the better the results will be. There are over 1billion people on FaceBook and that makes it very easy to get lost in peoples news feeds. To get noticed on any popular social media channel you have to post every day to keep on people’s minds. I know people that post 5-10 times per day, I feel this is a little excessive however they are there and you can’t ignore them.


Being there alone is not enough, you have to provide real value for anyone to want to click your post, let alone share it. One key thing is getting the title of your post right. This is generally referred to as a hook. The more controversial your headline, the more heads will turn.


If you saw a newspaper with the headline “This is the one reason why all employed adults will be broke in less than 10 years” compared to “It is encouraged that all adults have a savings account to ensure they are financially secure in the future.” The first one is a very powerful statement and promotes scarcity. People will want to read this article as no one wants to be broke in less than 10 years. I could write a whole post on hooks, so I wont go into it here. In fact if you want me to write an article on how to create winning hooks let me know by emailing me at


  1. How to increase your chances of being found organically…


Just think about how many pages your website has, not a lot. Generally once they are created there is not a whole lot of editing that is done once they are in place. Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more indexed page on your website, which means it’s one more opportunity for you to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your website in organic search.


This tells our friend Google that you are a living, breathing site and it should be checking you regularly for new content. There is a whole other side to this like SEO optimising each post, but for now we are sticking to the basic perks of blogging.


Simply put, the more content you add to your site, the higher the chance you have of being found organically via search engines.


  1. Why you should concentrate on quality over quantity…


This is a topic that is regularly up for debate, however you need to provide quality content that will actually help your audience. I know people that knock out content every day of the week. The quality is ok and this shows in the data. The engagement is minimal as the audience has learnt not to expect to much from the blog. This in turn will eventually stop the person visiting your site or clicking through to your post.


I would rather 1-3 quality pieces of content go out every week that gets a ton of engagement and offers real value than put out a post every day that is at best mediocre. That is why with MyCoda there is only 1 podcast and 1 blog every week. This also comes down to the type of content you provide and what resonates with your audience. I will speak more on the type of content you can post in the 2nd part of this article next week. For now just ensure you aim to provide quality content and not just high quantity.



  1. Your ROI…be patient…


One very common question I am asked is what is the ROI of my time putting together the blog? The answer to this varies, however please be aware that this is a long game and not something you will see returns from after your very first post.


Lets go back to the very first point in this post…


Your only concern with your blog should be how can I offer the most value to my audience and help them overcome their problems.”


If you do this enough, and truly offer value then you can start to ask for your audience to enroll in your coaching program or buy your revolutionary product. The first thing you need to do however is understand your audience and their needs. The sooner you do this and start building a relationship with your audience, the sooner you can start directing them to your checkout.


It all comes down to how much time you are willing to invest in finding your audience, their needs and how you can serve them. If you build a strong relationship with your following and offer a lot of value then they will ask for a program, product or service.


I have outlined 7 key principles as to why you should be blogging. The means in which you blog is down to you. You can utilize various content types, different niches, different audiences and solve different problems. What ever way you choose to progress from here is up to you. Please bear in mind the points outlined above as they apply to any industry.


In part 2 of this post I am going to outline exactly how to piece together authority content from the point of research through to formulating the post.

How To Nail Content Marketing So You Can Increase Traffic, Subscribers and Sales Part 2 of 2

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