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036: 750 Live Webinars In 3 Years! Convert Like A Pro With Leadpages Head Conversion Educator, Tim Paige!

By Sam Payne | January 24, 2017

      Today’s session of the MyCoda podcast is with Tim Paige. Tim is the founder of timthepaige.com and makemyintro.com where he provides voice overs and intros for podcasts, including EntrepreneurOnFire and Foundr Magazine, plus a host of other leading names in the industry. He also does voiceovers for many well-known brands, including the…

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035: Offload The Stress Of Doing EVERYTHING In Your Business And Build A Kick Ass Team To Drive Your Company To Success With Sarah Kaler From Soul Powered.

By Sam Payne | January 17, 2017

      In this episode of the MyCoda podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Kaler. She is the founder of Soul Powered. Soul Powered is a leadership development and coaching company on a mission to generate a movement of conscious, purpose-driven leaders and organizations that improve lives and empower change in the…

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033: Online Blogger And Expert Content Marketer Yaro Starak Tells You Exactly How To Formulate An Online Marketing Strategy That Converts!

By Sam Payne | January 10, 2017

      In today’s episode of the MyCoda podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing the awesome Yaro Starak. He is a coach and the founder of entreprenuers-journey.com where he blogs. He has a successful podcast and a huge library of online courses. He started his online entrepreneurial journey right in the dot-com bubble…

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034: Sharing Ideas Doesn’t Often Lead To creativity, Asking Questions Does! Warren Berger Explains How The Power Of Inquiry Can Spark Breakthrough Ideas.

By Sam Payne | January 10, 2017

      I’m very excited to bring on today’s guest for you guys because it is the expert on design thinking and innovation, Warren Berger. He is a journalist and an author to many books, including his international bestseller, Glimmer: How Design Can Transform Business and Your Life and the book we’re here to talk…

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032: 35 High Profile Entrepreneurs Share Their One Piece Of Advice That Has Contributed To Their Success…& How It Can Help You To!

By Sam Payne | January 3, 2017

      Over the past ten months since starting this podcast, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some of the most influential entrepreneurs in the face of this planet. And throughout every single interview, they give so much value and tell their stories in ways which you can relate to them and learn from…

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031: You’re Never Too Busy To Get Fit And Healthy! Jeff McMahon Provides Virtual Training Programs To Help Extremely Successful Entrepreneurs Stay In Shape.

By Sam Payne | December 27, 2016

    In today’s episode of the MyCoda podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff McMahon of Total Body Construction. He is a specialist in health, fitness, and well-being. He provides virtual online training programs to help extremely successful entrepreneurs across the world stay in shape. These programs were designed to give you, super…

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