025: Learn From The Greatest Entrepreneurs With Nathan Chan’s Book, Foundr V 1.0!





Today’s episode of the MyCoda podcast is a bonus session with an old friend of the show, Nathan Chan. He is the Founder, editor and publisher of the digital, entrepreneurial magazine of Foundr with an upcoming book, Foundr Version 1.0. He has been rubbing shoulders with the likes of the greatest and biggest minds when it comes to setting up and running your own business.


In this interview, you will learn:

  • A little about Nathan Chan’s story and background.
  • Why Foundr Magazine was born.
  • How the name Foundr come about.
  • About the book and what we can expect from it.
  • How important the branding of the book is.
  • How many successful entrepreneurs are featured in the book.
  • What are Nathan’s biggest takeaways from writing the book and the lessons he has learned from those featured entrepreneurs.
  • About the Kickstart campaign and when is this going live.
  • What can we expect from the campaign
  • How much value can we get from the advice that these entrepreneurs have given to this book.

To check out this awesome coffee table book and to pledge for your own copy click the link below:




Nathans last interview where you can find out about how Foundr started and grew to the digital media beast it is today….

009: Building A Multiple 7-figure Digital Publishing Empire With Nathan Chan From Foundr Magazine.


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