030: Showcase Your Business Online! Jess Catorc Shares Incredible Tips You Need To Learn When Building Your Own Website!



I am super excited to bring you today’s guest on the MyCoda podcast – Jess Catorc. Jess is a specialist when it comes to web design, especially for entrepreneurs. She helps them create their own websites and build their own brands and set up their own online businesses via jesscatorc.com. She’s also the host of Making The Entrepreneur podcast and host her own DIY online courses.

In this interview, you will learn:

  • About Jess Catorc’s back-story.
  • How she started her business.
  • If entrepreneurship has always been in Jess’ blood.
  • How being encouraged growing up made a difference in her life.
  • How Jess came up with a video to get on Smart Passive Income (SPI) podcast.
  • How have things been for her since she’s got featured on the SPI podcast.
  • What return of investment has she got from putting that video pitch.
  • How she edited the video.
  • How the transition for her was from doing solo work to turning into a fully-fledges business.
  • How Jess is helping the people she’s working with.
  • How’s it been since she’s launched her business.
  • What works for her in building her relationships with her clients.
  • How to go find the right types of people.
  • What the Don’ts are when building a website.
  • What the key points are you should bear in mind before diving into this.


Check out this cool video that Jess made for Pat of Smart Passive Income: 


Click here to watch the free video series on how to make a DIY website.
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  1. Julie on December 22, 2016 at 4:50 pm

    Loved all your podcasts so far Sam. Lots of important and interesting points on every one.
    Merry Christmas to you too.
    Here’s to a healthy successful 2017. X

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