027: Setting Up Your Own Online Virtual Meditation Company…How Jessica Improta Clears 6 Figures Plus Teaching Others How To Live From A Place Of Presence!





Today’s guest on the MyCoda podcast is Jessica Improta, a specialist in Personality Development. Jessica is a licensed psychotherapist, coach and founder of OM*Lab – a virtual playground for meditation and mindfulness. Jessica’s mission is to support the busy, ambitious, and overstressed to pause in their day, connect with others, create mental whitespace, and tap into the present moment, inner wisdom, and intrinsic happiness that we all deserve.


In this interview you will learn:

  • How to live from a place of presence.
  • How to protect yourself from other people’s negative energy.
  • What made Jessica decide she wanted to start OM*Lab.
  • If OM*Lab was Jessica’s first attempt at setting up a business.
  • What meditation is and how is it beneficial to people, especially entrepreneurs.
  • Why it is OK if there are times where you can’t meditate.
  • What meditation teaches us.
  • How Jessica turned meditation into a business.
  • About the process of OM*Lab’s live meditation.
  • About The Sweeter Life In 28 Days course.
  • How to price your product or services.



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