026: The Power Of Online Sales! Learn The Top Secrets Your Company Needs To Know About Sales With Richard Moore’s Basic Of Sales Course.





In today’s episode of MyCoda podcast, I had the pleasure of once again interviewing Richard Moore. People got so much value on Richard’s first interview that it would be a shame not to get him back on. He was first featured on session 002 about six months ago.

For everyone who doesn’t know him, Richard is a business consultant and a specialist when it comes to sales. He’s been in this game for many years now. He does work with corporations, large businesses, small companies, and start-ups entrepreneurs. He is helping them primarily through his EightStepStartup course. In this interview, you will learn:

  • About Richard’s future book project and what it’s going to be about.
  • Why you should listen to Richard when it comes to sales.
  • What are his experiences of sales.
  • How he is helping people.
  • About Richard’s past experiences with companies and small businesses.
  • How important sales is to the success of a new business.
  • How selling your product or service differ when approaching online sales as supposed to a face to face sale.
  • What you should be expecting in terms of a return of investment on your social media activity?
  • What strategies can you use when you’re putting your social media marketing strategies together to ensure you’re building a trust with your audience.
  • How you can establish your customers.
  • What Richard has done in his Basic of Sales course and what’s in there that’s helping people.
  • Why you should be interested in that course.


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We have covered Richard’s story on how he became an entrepreneur and how he set up his businesses on his first interview:

002: Take your startup from 0 to 6 figures plus with Richard Moore’s EightStepStartup Course!


Visit www.eightstepstartup.com to access and apply for the Basic of Sales Course.


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