021: Brett Miller Raised $91,296 Dollars On His First Kick Starter Campaign… He’ll Teach You How You Can Too!





In todays episode of the MyCoda business startup podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Brett Miller. Brett is the founder of Brik Book where he sells custom lego Macbook cases and wall tiles. This is one of the coolest products I have seen for a long time.


Brett is an expert when it comes to formulating, building, selling and shipping and just about anything else comes to mind when selling physical products. Brett also had a very successful kick Starter campaign, and tells us exactly how he put the campaign together and the lessons he learnt during the process. In this interview you will learn:


  • How Brett raised $91,296 dollars on his first Kick Starter campaign.
  • Why Brett has a business partner and how this has been so vital to the success of Brik.
  • What inspired Brett to create lego Macbook cases.
  • The moment Brett realised there was a market for Brik.
  • How Brett got over 100 features across different publications including Oprah Winfrey and how this accelerated Brik’s success.
  • How Brett and his team put together the Kick Starter campaign for Brik Book.
  • How Brett launched the company after the Kick Starter campaign.
  • The main challenges Brett faced with selling physical products and how he overcome them.
  • How Brett has saved time and money with a very simple prototype system.
  • How Brett manages his overseas team.
  • How Brett markets/advertises Brik.

Brett has been kind enough to offer the listeners of the show an exclusive promo code for a Brik case, to receive your code simply enter your details below:


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Bretts Company:


Brik Book


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