020: Publish Your Own Book In A Matter Of Weeks! Duff The Psych Tells Us Exactly How He Published 2 Best Selling Books Called F@CK Depression & F@CK Anxiety Through Amazon!





In todays episode of the MyCoda business startup podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Robert Duff. Robert is the founder of Duff The Psych where he helps people battle depression and anxiety with his Hardcore Self Help book series, podcast and blog. Robert is also a registered psychologist and has combined his passion for helping others via personal and online services.


Robert has built a successful online business and is a published author, all whilst continuing his studies to gain his qualifications at college. In this interview Robert uncovers how he juggled his hectic lifestyle and wrote 2 top selling books on Amazon that still sell consistently too this day. In this interview you will learn:


  • How Robert wrote 2 best selling books whilst setting up a successful business as a side project whilst completing his college degree.
  • How Robert escaped the private practice trap.
  • How Robert wrote and published an Amazon best seller in less than 4 weeks.
  • How to publish a book via audio, kindle and paper back….P.S this bit is ridiculously easy.
  • The exact process Robert used to write both of his books and how and why that process was completely different with each book.
  • How to overcome writers block and avoid procrastination.
  • How Robert established his audience.
  • Why Robert gave away his first book away for free and how this paid off…BIG time.
  • How Robert created his own personal recording studio to record quality audio for his audio books.
  • How having a book in audio, kindle and paper back format will benefit your overall sales.
  • What sells best for Robert, and can for you too.



Robert is a hugely successful businessman and entrepreneur and has taken the “normal” phycologists business plan and thrown it out the window. This has created a life of freedom that gives him the choice to work as and when he wishes whilst taking a passive income from his book sales on the side. This interview is for anyone who wishes to do the same!


Roberts Company:


Duff The Psych


How to contact Robert:






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