018: Build Your Monthly Subscription Business With A Simple pdf…Allison Schaaf Takes You Through Her Journey To Building A Successful 7 Figure Online Diet Plan Company.



In todays episode of the MyCoda business startup podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Allison Schaaf. Allison is founder and CEO of Prep Dish, the online meal prep service.


Allison started out as a personal chef, but decided she wanted to free up her time and still help others enjoy healthy convenient meals. in this interview you will learn:


  • How Allison started her entrepreneurial journey
  • How to create a subscription based service
  • How Allison creates meal plans for her subscribers
  • How batching content help Allison save hours of time every week
  • How Allison surgery her following and how it has benefited her business
  • How to serve a client base that stretches across the globe
  • How Allison utilises software to serve her customers that want groceries delivered to their door without stocking a single piece of food
  • How sticking to a PDF download  has kept her business growing over the past 5 years
  • How to test your product or service with real feedback that you can implement to benefit your customers
  • The systems Allison uses to create a seamless user experience for her customers
  • The team Allison has in place and the roles they have to run Prep Dish
  • How Allison markets and advertises Prep Dish
  • Why the Prep Dish FaceBook group has been so beneficial and contributed to the companies success


Allison has been kind enough to give the listeners of the MyCoda podcast a free 2 week trial of Prep Dish. CLICK HERE  to claim this exclusive offer.


Allison’s Company:


Prep Dish


How to contact Allison:






The Ask Sam Survey:


Ask Sam HERE


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