015: Market Your Way To The Top! Ken Kelly Of Conversion Marketer Teaches Us How To Succeed With Customer-centric Marketing.




In todays episode of the MyCoda business startup podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ken Kelly of Conversion Marketer. Ken is a marketing expert, and is telling us today about customer centric marketing.


In this interview you will learn:


  • Why having big ears leads to more sales
  • What customer centric marketing is
  • Why it is so important
  • The benefits it offers
  • How to put your customer at the centre of your business
  • Strategies you can utilise to employ customer centric marketing
  • How to recognise your Avatar (Ken has provided a find your avatar blueprint which is free to download)
  • How to establish what product your client needs
  • The power of empathy and why you should harness it
  • What marketing avenue you need to explore to ensure you are getting in front of the right people



When I spoke to Ken prior to the interview he had one main goal he wanted to achieve by the end of the show. Ken wanted to provide as much value as possible for you, the listener of the show. ken outlines processes and procedures you can utilise to grow your business and increase sales and conversions.

This Podcast interview is a must listen if you want to fully understand your market and ensure you deliver nothing but value to your customers.


Ken’s Company:


Conversion Marketer


How to contact Ken:




Download Ken’s How to recognise your Avatar blueprint by clicking the link below:

Download Kens Avatar Blueprint


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Thanks again for listening in, have a great day and i will see you for the next episode of the MyCoda Podcast.





  1. Jenn Swanson on October 14, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    Great advice and so helpful. Thank you Sam for inviting Ken to speak and thank you Ken for all you share with the world!

    • Sam Payne on October 17, 2016 at 9:31 am

      Thank you Jenn, Yes Ken is the man when it comes to customer centric marketing, and like yourself i have learnt so much from him. Great to hear the feedback and that you enjoyed the show 🙂

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