014: Write Your Best-selling Book With Valerie Khoo, Founder Of The Australian Writers Centre.

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Todays guest on the MyCoda business startup podcast is Valerie Khoo of The Australian Writers Centre and ValerieKhoo.com. Valerie is an Author, speaker, writer, podcaster and CEO. Valerie has run a successful companies for the past 11 years now and still in demand across the globe.


Valerie helps people tell their story in order to write a book, write better copy on their site or write better blog posts. Story telling is a fine art that takes years to perfect. If you want to cut some years off of that learning curve check out the work Valerie is doing via the links below.


In this interview Valerie talks about:


  1. How she started out her entrepreneurial journey
  2. The struggles she faced and overcame to become a successful entrepreneur
  3. How to tell your story
  4. How to write a best selling book
  5. How to create online courses that will last longer than a decade
  6. How to give the user the ultimate experience with your online courses
  7. How to recognise a problem and create extreme value with a solution
  8. How to recognise your brand and sell it to the world
  9. What her book Power Stories is al about and how it can help you


Valerie’s Businesses:¬†





Valerie’s Podcasts:





Valerie’s Book:


Power Stories




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