013: Millions Of Dollars From Blogging! Neil Patel Tells Us How Content Marketing Can Help You Build Your 7-figure Online Business!




In todays episode of the MyCoda business startup podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Neil Patel of QuickSprout, CrazyEgg, KissMetrics & NeilPatel.com. Neil is the grand master when it comes to Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media marketing, Traffic generation and converting visitors to your site into subscribers or paid customers.


Neil is a serial entrepreneur and has been running his own business for the last 11 years since the age of 16. in this interview Neil talks about:


  1. Popups
  2. Welcome Matts
  3. Call To Actions
  4. How to structure your Blog
  5. Blogs that convert
  6. Giveaways that convert
  7. Checkout processes that increase conversion by 10%
  8. Why he spent $30,000 on one piece of FREE content and the results it got
  9. The big No No’s when it comes to online marketing
  10. How to create webinars that convert
  11. What an awesome conversion rate for webinar are
  12. The software he uses to gather analytics
  13. How to create killer content with no money to invest
  14. Why its worth providing tons of free value and why it will generate more sales
  15. How much time Neil dedicates to creating content
  16. The team he has in place to produce so much weekly content
  17. Plus more…


Neils businesses:






How to contact Neil:



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