012: Copy That Converts. Understand Your Audience…Provide Solutions To Their Problems…Close The Sale With Lance Jones From Copyhackers.



In todays session of the MyCoda Business Startup podcast we speak to Lance Jones. Lance Jones is the co founder of Copy Hackers along with Joanne Weibe. Lance and Joanne launched Copy Hackers 5 years ago to help business write Copy for their websites that will help them stand out and convert visitors to their site into subscribers or paying customers. Lance and Joanne provide so much great FREE content on the site, and have worked with thousands of clients since launching back in 2011.


In this interview you will learn:


  1. How to write call to actions that convert.
  2. How to write killer headlines on your site that will make you and your company stand out from the crowd.
  3. How to manage a business relationship with your partner/wife!
  4. How Lance and Joanne validated Copyhackers.
  5. Why to keep call to actions below the fold.
  6. How to recognise real issues others are willing to invest in.
  7. How to deliver real value to people.
  8. Why it is beneficial to build a large business in a small niche.
  9. The best resources to use to find quality staff.
  10. How Lance and Joanne find quality full stack developers for their SAAS product.
  11. How to build a team that will execute your vision into an awesome SAAS (Software as a service) product.
  12. How Lance and Jo’a new SAAS product Air Story can benefit you and your business.
  13. The launch of Air Story and how you can keep to date on the progress of the launch.


Lance and Jo are the grand masters when it comes to Copywriting and have a huge library of testimonials to prove it. I would throughly recommend utilising Copyhackers and getting in touch with Lance to see how they can help you.


Lance’s business:





How to contact Lance and Joanne:





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