011: $1,300,000 In Its First Six Days! Phil Bosua Tells Us How He Launched His Revolutionary Product That Generated Him Millions Of Dollars In Revenue From His Successful Kickstarter Campaign.




In todays episode of the MyCoda business start up podcast I speak to Phil Bosua, the former CEO of LIFX.


If you are thinking of starting a Kickstarter campaign you will love this episode. Phil launched an extremely successful campaign with an initial pledge goal of $100,000. In the first 6 days of launching the campaign Phil and his team raised over $1,300,000. This was only the start, from there on Phil and the team from LIFX raised a further $15,000,000 dollars of investment from VC Investors.


Phil story is amazing, and he gives us the details of how he and his team put together the campaign, the steps they took on the build up to the launch and the success of LIFX once they launched.


Phil has now moved onto other projects, working from Silicone Valley,  which are equally as inventive, creative and set to change the way we use modern technology today.






LIFX Kick Starter Campaign:



Phils Contact Details:



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