21 People | 193 Million Followers | 3,289,565 Likes Per post | See how the top 21 influencers on Instagram do it!


In this blog post I am going to outline what the top 21 influencers on Instagram are doing to gain nearly 200 Million followers on one platform. I will break down the most popular content posted, what content got the most engagement and what you can learn from the best social profiles on Instagram.


After studying this content I have discovered a few things that may shock and surprise you. For one it does not come down to the amount of content you post, but the quality and engagement of each piece of content. The second person on our list of Instagram hero’s has the highest engagement rate I have ever seen, and for good reason. His content is by far the best I have seen on this platform and the numbers speak for themselves.


We are told to always to look for different ways to engage and add value to our audience. To be as creative and innovative as we can when creating our content and to create content that will not only resonate with our audience, but also encourage them to follow and share with their friends. This post will outline exactly what is viral and trending RIGHT NOW. The good news is 99% of this content can be created by you.


The other clear point that comes across in each of the profiles I studied was the story they told. The personality of the owner of the profile shone through and attracted you to them in their own way. Even if you don’t particularly like what the person represents or is posting you can see why others would like them, millions of others in fact.


Each person on this list has at least 5 million followers. What is interesting is the amount of times each of them posted each day/week and the engagement they received. If you are interested to see what the best in business are doing on Instagram right now and how you can mimic them to grow your own presence and gain more followers read on…


We will start with number 21 and work our way to number 1. Date of data collection: 22-07-2016…


#21: MarianDivaio 




Followers: 4.9m

Follows in 1 Day: -147

Followers in 1 Week: 7454

Followers in 1 Month: 150561

Average Likes: 104851

Most Liked Piece of Content: 240252

Posts Per Week: 26

Posts Per Month: 114

Engagement rate: 2.63%


Marian is an actor, designer and model. He has a huge following from aspiring fans that love and engage with his content on a daily basis. If you notice the engagement rate at 2.63%, you may be thinking that is a low figure. You have to remember that is 2.63% of 5 million giving him an average like of 104,851. Not so bad when you think of it like that.


All of Marian’s content is consistent with his profession and his following are extremely receptive to it as it represents something that they admire and love. This is key to creating content that will grow your Instagram profile. You must know who you are posting to and who your avatar is. If Marian started posting images of him doing the cleaning, watching TV or laying out on the sofa eating tubs of ice cream I guarantee his follow count would drop at an alarming rate. This would be as the content no longer appeals to his audience and does not glamorise the lifestyle aspiring actors, models and fashion designers long for.




#20: Anllela_Sagra




Followers: 5.3m

Follows in 1 Day: 3625

Followers in 1 Week: 53533

Followers in 1 Month: 301873

Average Likes: 67978

Most Liked Piece of Content: 173638

Posts Per Week: 9

Posts Per Month: 40

Engagement rate: 1.86%


Anllela Sagra is a fitness model, trainer and ambassador for multiple supplements and fitness brands. Her followers are loyal and her videos get a lot more engagement than her photos. Her videos don’t offer tons of value however, they inspire and resonate with her followers. I personally don’t get much from her content but can see how so many people do. Her video below got over 251,000 views, which is incredible. If you scroll further down her page you will find videos with over double that. As I stated earlier, I don’t really get anything from the video, but hundreds of thousands of people do. This is a well-made video with great quality footage and music that portrays everything women may aspire to when it comes to health and fitness. Again the content is consistent. You will not find a single post of her eating a chocolate bar or binging on alcohol. For this reason the audience knows what they are getting and love it every single post.



Anllela is a huge inspiration for many people around the world and her programs have got amazing results for her clients. She not only walks the walk but talks the talk. By doing this she has created a very strong brand and is trusted by millions and seen as a leading authority in the fitness world. No easy feat by any measure.


#19: kayla_itsines




Followers: 5.4m

Follows in 1 Day: 1730

Followers in 1 Week: 23563

Followers in 1 Month: 119416

Average Likes: 38297

Most Liked Piece of Content: 147873

Posts Per Week: 19

Posts Per Month: 82

Engagement rate: 1.30%


Kayla is another fitness trainer and mainly posts body transformation testimonials on her Instagram feed with motivational quotes, healthy food and drinks plus videos of her events. Her link goes directly to an app page where she asks women to join 10 million others in her training programs.




This account uses numbers in force with multiple testimonials and videos to back up her popularity. Once people click through to the page above they are completely sold and ready to sign up. This is a very clever way to use imagery and video to create a sales page for her service. Where as the previous examples have been focusing on the person behind the brand, Kayla’s profile focuses on the results the brand delivers.


One thing you will notice is even though her follow count is higher than the previous 2 examples the engagement rate is much lower with her average likes per post 20-60% lower. This is the difference between a testimonial based page that promotes results and personality based pages that promote the person as a brand. People feel they can relate to a person much more than a testimonial, therefore if you want higher engagement per post I would avoid the testimonial route. That’s not to say it does not work, you just need to be able to consistently prove you can deliver on your promise with a lot of testimonials.


#18: amandacerny




Followers: 5.4m

Follows in 1 Day: 25295

Followers in 1 Week: 165177

Followers in 1 Month: 584215

Average Likes: 224871

Most Liked Piece of Content: 372795

Posts Per Week: 6

Posts Per Month: 25

Engagement rate: 4.89%


Amanda Cerny is an internet celebrity. She creates multiple videos and gets millions of views per post. We touched on the point of the personal brand getting far more engagement than the service/testimonial brand, and this is a clear case of that. Amanda Cerny and Kayla have exactly the same amount of followers, however Amanda gets 6 times the amount of average likes per post. The quality of her content is far superior to Kayla’s and the numbers show this. Below is an example of Amanda’s most liked piece of content on Instagram with 372,795 likes and over 6.3 Million Views…



Amanda’s video’s are funny, easy to consume and great quality. She clearly spends a lot of time and effort on creating her content. Amanda is also killing it across other social media platforms, but saves her 15-second vines for Instagram as they are native to that platform. This is another key point that I will touch on. Each and every one of the people on this list is creating content that is perfect for Instagram. Its visual, interesting, engaging and easy to consume.


#17: humanssofny




Followers: 5.6m

Follows in 1 Day: 3046

Followers in 1 Week: 37208

Followers in 1 Month: 212624

Average Likes: 122945

Most Liked Piece of Content: 350768

Posts Per Week: 20

Posts Per Month: 87

Engagement rate: 4.17%


Considering Humans of NY post so often there engagement rate is very high which tells us one key thing about there content. It strikes a chord with their audience in every single post. This is an account that captures emotions, emotions all of us humans experience every day. This means that we can relate to it, which means we will naturally engage with it. If you are taking or posting photos of people, make it real. Humans of NY are the masters at this. Everything they do relates to their audience and there most liked content proves this. You would think that there most liked content would be an amazing photo, but your wrong. Check it out…




This open letter to Donald Trump is a very well articulated view of what the majority of people in America think of him. By taking pictures of humans every single day, Humans of NY are demonstrating they know humans and can capture emotions. This open letter further reinforces they know what the people of America feel and their views towards modern politics that effect so many across the USA.


Images that are so text heavy normally fail badly on Instagram however, Humans of NY have demonstrated that the right piece of content at the right time in the right context can be a smash hit. This is proof that sometimes you can throw the rulebook out the window if you truly understand your audience and their needs. Well played Humans of NY.


#16: chiaraferrangi




Followers: 6.3

Follows in 1 Day: 3296

Followers in 1 Week: 34965

Followers in 1 Month: 168891

Average Likes: 84306

Most Liked Piece of Content: 160337

Posts Per Week: 62

Posts Per Month: 270

Engagement rate: 1.19%


Chiara Ferragni is a fashion label with an online shop for the their clothing, footwear and accessories. They are an extremely active social brand with the 5th highest posting rate out of everyone in the top 21 influencers on our list. There engagement is relatively low compared to others.


There mission is brand awareness, and this is the reason for such a wide spread of content every single day, week and month. Considering they put out so much content the engagement rate is ok. By posting often they are ensuring their audience is always going to see their fashion goods on their news feeds. Do this often enough and you will subconsciously influence your audience and eventually drive sales.


All the pictures promote class, health and well being. Chiara is also using herself as the brand by posing in every picture. She posts pictures of her out with friends, eating and having fun. This makes the company real, and something other women can relate to. Ultimately women are not investing in the clothing, but the story Chiara tells around the clothing and the lifestyle it represents.


Her most liked piece of content is of her with beautiful scenery behind her in a black dress. The dress is the last thing you look at. First you admire where she is and how happy she is. The dress is fit for someone who would also find themselves embracing the finer tings in life….again the story around the clothing is what is selling her brand.




#15: Wonderful Places




Followers: 7.1m

Follows in 1 Day: 4426

Followers in 1 Week: 63661

Followers in 1 Month: 223773

Average Likes: 79309

Most Liked Piece of Content: 202610

Posts Per Week: 18

Posts Per Month: 78

Engagement rate: 2.43%


Wonderful places are the very best when it comes to shout outs and call to actions. In every post you will either find pic by @John_Smith1 or tag a friend you would chill here with. Their content is being seen across multiple accounts, the accounts of the photographers, and encourages people to engage in every post, hence the engagement rate.


The photos themselves are beautiful and show off places most of us have never been but would love to go. They are also very good at capturing the emotions of the people in the photo’s having a great time in that specific location. You will not find one image of a grey city centre on their account. Only vibrant, colourful and amazing locations across the globe.




The photo above is the most liked content they have posted, and is a brilliant image. It is interesting, a beautiful location and most of all fun. For the millions of people staring at this in an office block in the middle of a city, this is a refreshing fantasy to drift off into for a second or two. If you want to see how to use shout outs and call to actions, this is the account to view.


#14: vegas_nay




Followers: 7.8m

Follows in 1 Day: 291

Followers in 1 Week: -321

Followers in 1 Month: -1919

Average Likes: 41089

Most Liked Piece of Content: 148545

Posts Per Week: 22

Posts Per Month: 97

Engagement rate: 0.93%


Vegas Nay is a make up and beauty brand that does some truly incredible things with makeup. Even as a male who has no interest in makeup what so ever, I can appreciate the skill and talent involved in making women look the way they do.


They shout out every single person/brand’s makeup  that is used in the post which drives a ton of traffic to their posts. There engagement is pretty low compared to others in this blog and they were clearly having a bad week when I drew the stats for this one, but they are one of the leading beauty and makeup influencers on Instagram today.


Their videos get the get the most traffic with hundreds of thousands of views on each post. Some may argue what they do goes beyond putting your face on in the morning and is more like art. However their most liked piece of content was of a beautiful little girl with her faced painted as a cat. This is not your regular fun fair face paint artist, what they done is pure genius and pulled on the heart strings of thousands making a cute little girl even more adorable.




You may be recognising a trend here, people attract people. It’s that simple.


#13: michelle_lewin




Followers: 8.3m

Follows in 1 Day: 3107

Followers in 1 Week: 27457

Followers in 1 Month: 147954

Average Likes: 91878

Most Liked Piece of Content: 217392

Posts Per Week: 9

Posts Per Month: 37

Engagement rate: 1.60%


Michelle Lewin is a fitness model and trainer who uses Instagram to promote her personal brand. She has a combination of well shot, high quality videos and images that get thousands of likes in every post. Very similar to Anllela Sagra at number 20 in this post, Michelle has used her assets to enthuse and motivate women all over the world to get fit, healthy and active.


All of her images and videos are of her having fun and enjoying life. Again this tells a story that everyone can like and enjoy. Michelle uses her life as a powerful story that sets her apart from your average female fitness trainer and model across the globe.


Michelle also uses a lot of photos and videos of her on front covers of fitness magazines and featuring at events. This is more social proof that she is great at her job, looks good and in demand. All very strong attributes for someone selling themselves as the brand.


Are you selling yourself as a brand? If so what message are you portraying about yourself?


Michelle’s most liked piece of content….




#12: thefatjewish




Followers: 8.7m

Follows in 1 Day: 2813

Followers in 1 Week: 29090

Followers in 1 Month: 151597

Average Likes: 179778

Most Liked Piece of Content: 659872

Posts Per Week: 19

Posts Per Month: 81

Engagement rate: 3.74%


This is one of the funniest Instagram accounts I have seen. The term “its funny because its true” applies to The fat Jewish account. Unlike other accounts on this top 21 influencers list, The Fat Jewish does not follow a theme with the type of image he posts. It does not matter in this case, as every picture is extremely funny. Therefore as soon as a piece of his content hits your news feed you will always stop to have a look.


His most liked piece of content was engaging, creative and a huge call to action you could not resist. I actually follow The fat Jewish and remember this piece of content going out. Not only did I double tap, I tagged about 10 of my friends in the post too. That’s the power of great content. Some may argue that it serves no purpose however, I think its great to be able to have a giggle in the middle of your day at something completely pointless that’s just fun.



#11: modaparameninas




Followers: 8.8m

Follows in 1 Day: 2601

Followers in 1 Week: 28890

Followers in 1 Month: 144818

Average Likes: 27577

Most Liked Piece of Content: 122993

Posts Per Week: 73

Posts Per Month: 318

Engagement rate: 0.89%


Modaparameninas is an Instagram blog from Brazil. There is no call to action on this page with regards to a link in the bio, apart from her email address. On the feed itself there are a lot of different fashion and makeup items with prices, branding and videos of the usage. This page is monetized hugely on products. This is obvious if you check out the engagement levels.


Modaparameninas has one of the lowest engagement rates of everyone in this list, yet one of the highest post rates. If you have a shopify store that you sell your own products from or other peoples products, this is the type of influencer that will promote them for you, as long as it fits in with the general theme of the page and you pay what I would imagine to be a healthy fee.


The quality of this content is not the best, however the sheer amount of content, and the fact they shout out other people with the items they promote has gained them an extremely healthy following.


Funny enough there most liked piece of content was an extremely cute little girl wearing red roses around her head. Anybody seeing a pattern here?



#10: nashgrier




Followers: 9.4m

Follows in 1 Day: 4287

Followers in 1 Week: 35328

Followers in 1 Month: 176811

Average Likes: 333436

Most Liked Piece of Content: 1101774

Posts Per Week: 3

Posts Per Month: 14

Engagement rate: 6.95%


Nash Grier are two brothers from the USA with a YouTube channel with over 4m subscribers. All of their videos get over 1m views and there social posts go viral. They shoot videos that their audience loves. This account demonstrates how powerful it is to truly understand your audience and what they enjoy.


The quality of there content is not even the best, but its what their audience loves. If you want to nail this angle you can learn a thing or two from these brothers. They let their fans into their lives and have become Internet celebrities as a result. Oh and why I remember, check out there most liked piece of content…




Look familiar?


Anyway back to the post. Nash and Grier are one of the only two people to get over 1 million likes for a single piece of content in the top 21 list. This is enough evidence to see these two brothers fully understand who there audience is, what they like and how often they like it. The fact that they only post 3 times per week demonstrates that there content is well loved and admired by their fans.


#09: The good quote




Followers: 9.6m

Follows in 1 Day: 6151

Followers in 1 Week: 119473

Followers in 1 Month: 330004

Average Likes: 60970

Most Liked Piece of Content: 267516

Posts Per Week: 143

Posts Per Month: 810

Engagement rate: 1.00%


The Good Quote has managed to master one of the most saturated types of Instargam account online today. Quotes are everywhere on Instagram, and mainly seen over images. The Good Quote has followed the plain white theme with their account. This has allowed them to do two things. Stand out from the crowd with a simple but effective look, and post A LOT OF CONTENT every week.


The Good Quote post more each week than any of the other accounts on the top 21 list. This has kept them at the top of most news feeds and in front of their audience. The simplicity of their posts has become a trade mark of their images and stands out in a very bright and vibrant news feed:




Their theme follows through to their clothing line, which is linked in the bio. You know with this many followers they are making some serious money through their store. The interesting thing is that there most liked content is completely different from their normal post, but they have not let this change the theme of the account. They have stayed true to the white theme, which in turn allows all their followers to instantly recognise them on their news feed:




#08: Jen Selter




Followers: 9.6m

Follows in 1 Day: 4521

Followers in 1 Week: 40937

Followers in 1 Month: 194164

Average Likes: 198389

Most Liked Piece of Content: 414395

Posts Per Week: 4

Posts Per Month: 15

Engagement rate: 3.77%


Jen Selter is a fitness model and trainer. Her Instagram page is predominately made up of images of her butt. There are some short videos of her working out which get well over 1m views apiece. Admittedly she has got a remarkable figure, and it is obvious to see why women aspire to be like her and men want to be with her. She has created a personal brand that has millions of followers that she directs to her website, where she sells her fitness programs.


In her most liked photo she is once again showing off her favourite asset…




This is a perfect example of knowing your strengths and leveraging them to your advantage. If there’s one lesson to learn here it is recognize what you are really good at and use that to help others through your content. You may be thinking how does a picture of Jen Selters back side help me. It may not help you however, it is inspiration for others who aspire to look like her and reinforces her status as an authority in the women’s health and fitness niche.


#07: Makegirlz




Followers: 11m

Follows in 1 Day: 2291

Followers in 1 Week: 215330

Followers in 1 Month: 215330

Average Likes: 28266

Most Liked Piece of Content: 201274

Posts Per Week: 66

Posts Per Month: 289

Engagement rate: 0.76%


Make Girlz is another makeup and beauty account with multiple videos outlining techniques used by others around the world when applying makeup. This is very similar to Vegas nay’s account in terms of using shout outs in every post. The one defining factor that puts Make Girlz above Vegas nay is the amount they post. Make Girlz post 3 times more content than Vegas Nay on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.




Their engagement rate is lower than Vegas Nay, however they are promoting a lot of brands and products in their posts. People will not be using this account to engage with the owners, but to see what is trending and where they can get the products from. This account still has a purpose for its followers and Make Girlz have provided the perfect platform to do that. Again this comes down to recognizing exactly what it is your audience wants and serving them just that.


#06: 433




Followers: 11.3m

Follows in 1 Day: 7539

Followers in 1 Week: 99117

Followers in 1 Month: 456644

Average Likes: 185865

Most Liked Piece of Content: 550447

Posts Per Week: 69

Posts Per Month: 307

Engagement rate: 3.16%


433 are a football video account with over 5000 posts of skills, drills, free kicks and game day footage. 433 combines professional and amateur football footage from across the globe and the response is mind blowing. Every video is a viral hit getting over 1m views at a time. For a page that has so much weekly content there engagement is very high.





In every post there are thousands of comments with people tagging in their mates to have a look. This is a key part of their success and one of the reasons they get so many new followers every single day.




The beauty of posting both professional and amateur footage is people can relate to it on their own level. Seeing ordinary people do extraordinary things with a football will only encourage them to try themselves. If they nail it guess where they will post it? And you know they will tag all of their friends on Instagram to have a look. This strategy has worked beautifully for 433 and is one that anyone can adopt as long as they find the right audience with the right content.


There most like piece of content is a picture though, check it out…




Ronaldo is a national treasure and world-renowned football celebrity. People obviously have a lot of respect for the man, as there response to this image was incredible. Throughout the page you will notice a lot of posts with Ronaldo in them. 433 followers clearly love Ronaldo, as their engagement is higher on all the posts that include him. Therefore it is no surprise that 433 keep giving the people what they want, and that this post in particular was so popular.


#05: raffinagita1717




Followers: 12m

Follows in 1 Day: 17911

Followers in 1 Week: 190855

Followers in 1 Month: 766351

Average Likes: 132288

Most Liked Piece of Content: 356182

Posts Per Week: 36

Posts Per Month: 156

Engagement rate: 1.40%


Raffi Nagita is an Indonesian actor, presenter and singer. He uses this page to promote himself as a brand by letting his followers into his private life. This is a clever move as his followers can relate to him on many different levels. Raffi does not even have a call to action on his page. This account is simply for his fans to follow him and see what he gets up to day to day.


Some may argue that this is a waste of time as there is no call to action or return on investment. I would strongly disagree. We are in a digital age where we have access to more information than ever before. Therefore it is easy to get your message lost in the sea of over 1 billion websites across the globe. Raffi is letting people see that he is real. This will make his followers warm to him over other actors, singers and presenters as they feel they no him. Even though he is a high profile celebrity, they share a common ground in real life with him. That is a powerful way to engage with his audience and this will undoubtedly increase his popularity and sales.


Hi most like piece of content is an image of him with his family. With over 350,000 likes this just reinforces the point I made above about his followers relating to him on a personal level…




#04: Futbolsport




Followers: 12.5m

Follows in 1 Day: 4416

Followers in 1 Week: 53268

Followers in 1 Month: 228531

Average Likes: 186925

Most Liked Piece of Content: 457813

Posts Per Week: 31

Posts Per Month: 136

Engagement rate: 3.09%


Futbolsport are slightly different from 433 who we saw at number 6 in this post. There is not as much amateur footage on this page. The main bulk of the content focuses on professional football and includes videos and rare images of players and football icons that celebrate this beautiful game. The engagement rate is particularly high and this demonstrates that Futbolsport truly understands their audience.


A very similar theme occurs here with regards to the comments in the posts. There are thousands of people tagging in their friends to check out the post. This is such a powerful way to reach millions of people. Word of mouth is the best advertising and marketing tool there is. Futbolsport are one of the best in the world at understanding their audience and providing exactly what it is they want.



#03: Huda Beauty




Followers: 14.3m

Follows in 1 Day: 6382

Followers in 1 Week: 113085

Followers in 1 Month: 331963

Average Likes: 72246

Most Liked Piece of Content: 310948

Posts Per Week: 45

Posts Per Month: 196

Engagement rate: 1.15%


Huda Kattin is one of the most popular beauty bloggers in the world. Her Instagram page is a combination of her, her techniques, her life and funny pictures. Everything about this page and her brand represents beauty, health, fun and happiness. Everything the majority of the women in this world want to achieve.


This page has a dedicated following who are lining up to buy her products and tell their friends about it in the process. There is one common trait that is re-emerging throughout this post and that’s the power of word of mouth.


Its one thing having a person or brand telling you how awesome they are, its something else if it comes from a trusted friend outside of that business. But how do you get people to engage on your posts and get their friends involved? Just check out the accounts in this page. The content is truly resonating with its target audience. If you can discover who your avatar is and what they want (by the way that’s the hard part) providing it becomes a whole lot easier.


Number 2 on our list has got the best content I have ever seen anyone produce on Instagram, lets check him out…


#02: Zach King




Followers: 14.5m

Follows in 1 Day: 8041

Followers in 1 Week: 106288

Followers in 1 Month: 515296

Average Likes: 754369

Most Liked Piece of Content: 2937333

Posts Per Week: 3

Posts Per Month: 13

Engagement rate: 12.98%


Before we go anywhere lets take a look at these numbers. The most impressive figure on this list is the engagement rate at 12.98%. That is insane and a huge testament to the quality of the content Zach is putting out there. Notice as well how he only posts 3 times per week but gets on average over 750,000 likes per post. And get this…His most like piece of content ever got over 2.9 million likes.


If you want to learn about what quality content is, study Zach’s Instagram account. His videos are funny, creative, extremely impressive, engaging and most of all Zach comes across as a normal likable guy. There are not many people out there who are operating on his level. Zach mixes digital animation and real life to produce some of the best 15-second clips you will find online today. It is clearly obvious that he spends a lot of time planning and executing the production of his content, however the time and effort is so worth it.


This content is completely different from the normal stuff people are putting out there. He also keeps his content relevant with current affairs. Check out his last post on Pokémon Go:



Now his most liked piece of content is pure genius. He has included the best call to action you will see on Instagram ever. Period.



If you want high engagement and ridiculously fast growth its worth spending your time planning what content you will put out there and how you want your audience to engage. Quality over quantity is how you should post if you are looking for high engagement and Zach’s Instagram account is testament to that. It will not surprise me if Zachs account will be number one on both the follows and engagement list in the very near future.



#01: Dan Bilzerain




Followers: 18.6m

Follows in 1 Day: 8104

Followers in 1 Week: 248671

Followers in 1 Month: 1033747

Average Likes: 273932

Most Liked Piece of Content: 637663

Posts Per Week: 5

Posts Per Month: 21

Engagement Rate: 2.83%


He is known as the King of Instagram with the most followers in the world hitting an impressive 18.5 million follows. Dan Bilzerian is infamous for his money, lifestyle and crazy antics. He loves gambling, money, guns and girls and this is portrayed in every post on his account.







I don’t know many people that live like Dan, and this part of the reason for his popularity. He is doing things that people want to know about. His following love to see crazy and ridiculous pictures that should be saved for movies. Dan is living the ultimate playboy lifestyle and letting the whole world in on it. I don’t know anyone that has not heard of Dan Bilzerian.


You will find it hard to follow Dan’s example here, as not many people will have the disposable income to do the things he does on a daily and weekly basis. This is a huge contributing factor to his success on Instagram. 99% of his followers could not even dream of living the way he does and therefore Dan is giving them the looking glass into how the rich and famous party. Dan knows what his audience wants, and he knows how to give it to them.


Dan’s most liked piece of content was this video of everything he is known for. Girls and guns…




What Dan does very well is post photos of things that are not normal, things that most can only dream of. This is the reason for his popularity. People look forward to seeing what he is posting and happily share it with their friends. If you can create the same sort of hype around your content you will find it hard to keep up with your followers and engagement.


So there it is, the top 21 influencers on Instagram today. There is one common trait amongst all of the people in this list, and that is they know their audience and what they like. If you can tell your story through your Instagram feed, and people can relate to it, you have a personal brand. If you have a product or service that people cannot be without you have an awesome promotion tool. Either way if you can learn anything from the top 21 influencers on Instagram and apply it to your own accounts you will soon start building a huge following.


I have had the pleasure of helping people discover their story and telling it through their social accounts and websites. If you need help establishing this I will be happy to assist you. You can book a free strategy session with me personally and I will do everything in my power to help you tell your story and start smashing it on Instagram today. CLICK HERE to book your strategy session.


If you wish to know more about how to set up an effective social media strategy, create content and automate your posting systems CLICK HERE. You will find our free guide on how to set up an effective automated system with video tutorials and action steps you can implement straight away.

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