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033: Online Blogger And Expert Content Marketer Yaro Starak Tells You Exactly How To Formulate An Online Marketing Strategy That Converts!

      In today’s episode of the MyCoda podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing the awesome Yaro Starak. He is a coach and the founder of where he blogs. He has a successful podcast and a huge library of online courses. He started his online entrepreneurial journey right in the dot-com bubble…

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027: Setting Up Your Own Online Virtual Meditation Company…How Jessica Improta Clears 6 Figures Plus Teaching Others How To Live From A Place Of Presence!

    Today’s guest on the MyCoda podcast is Jessica Improta, a specialist in Personality Development. Jessica is a licensed psychotherapist, coach and founder of OM*Lab – a virtual playground for meditation and mindfulness. Jessica’s mission is to support the busy, ambitious, and overstressed to pause in their day, connect with others, create mental whitespace, and…

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