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029: ADHD: A Blessing, Not A Curse! Unraveling The Gifts Of The ADHD Brain & Why This Will Enable You To Build a Successful Business With Peter Shankman Of Faster Than Normal.

    Today’s session of the MyCoda podcast is with an awesome guy, Peter Shankman. Peter is a best-selling author, podcaster, consultant, speaker, and an advisor. He is also the founder of some extremely successful company including Help A Reporter Out(HARO) and Geek Factory. He is currently working on Faster Than Normal, an A.D.H.D. website.…

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028: Part-time Side Business Is The Best Way To Start Out! Find Out The Benefits Of Becoming A 10% Entrepreneur With Patrick McGinnis.

    In today’s session of the MyCoda Business Startup podcast, I’m very happy to be interviewing Patrick McGinnis. Patrick is a consultant, speaker, venture capitalist and private equity investor who founded Dirigo Advisors, after a decade on Wall Street, to provide strategic advice to investors, entrepreneurs and fast growing businesses. He is also a…

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027: Setting Up Your Own Online Virtual Meditation Company…How Jessica Improta Clears 6 Figures Plus Teaching Others How To Live From A Place Of Presence!

    Today’s guest on the MyCoda podcast is Jessica Improta, a specialist in Personality Development. Jessica is a licensed psychotherapist, coach and founder of OM*Lab – a virtual playground for meditation and mindfulness. Jessica’s mission is to support the busy, ambitious, and overstressed to pause in their day, connect with others, create mental whitespace, and…

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